Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hall of Famer David Clyde

Congratulations to David Clyde on being inducted into the Hall of Fame. No, the former major league phenom wasn't immortalized in bronze at Cooperstown. Instead, he was enshrined into the National High School Hall of Fame.
Last year, while working on an online piece for Global Traveler magazine, I interviewed Clyde at the Miracles Baseball Academy. I have since uploaded parts of that interview here and the GT piece ran Wednesday, on Clyde's induction day.
Clyde was one of my childhood baseball favorites. The Texas Rangers brought him to the big leagues almost right out of high school. He endured some injuries and some questionable management decisions. He retired at the young age of 26, but he didn't leave baseball or success behind. After some time in the lumber business, Clyde became a coach at the Miracles Baseball Academy.
I called Clyde last summer and asked for an interview. He graciously accepted and we met in December. I was fascinated by this man. What would have crushed many (or at least embittered them), didn't dim Clyde's spirit. He was funny, introspective, serious, warm and a lot more, but never negative or vengeful.
Meeting and talking to Clyde was one of the best experiences I have had. I really appreciate Clyde's time, willingness and openness.
I also appreciate my brother-in-law Scott and my nephew Matt for their time and patience on the trip. Thanks, too, to Laurie for helping me sort my thoughts and put together a solid interview.

David Clyde and me in Houston, TX-December 2008.


Laurie said...

i found his story fascinating and i thank you for opening my world a bit by learning about this man.....and his extraordinary experience and attitude.

Johngy said...

Meeting Clyde was awesome. Some 30 years after seeing him on his last baseball card, I got to meet one of my childhood favorites and he was unbelievable.