Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rick Monday, David Stein and Johngy

As has been well-documented here, I contribute a weekly online piece for Global Traveler magazine. Last July 2, I wrote a piece which made GT history.
In keeping with a patriotic theme, I wrote about former Cubs outfielder Rick Monday saving the United States flag from being burned by 2 protesters during a game at Dodger Stadium in 1976. I had recently interviewed Monday at Dodger Stadium about the event.
That night, I got home from work very late (actually very early the next morning) and checked email to relax before heading to bed. A couple minutes later, I was shocked to hear David Stein of Sporting News Radio start to read my piece on nationwide radio.
To say I was shocked is a bit of an understatement. I have been previously published in national and local publications and online, but to have something I wrote being read on nationally syndicated radio was just really wild.
Of course, my massive ego demanded that I shoot a quick email to Fran Gallagher, big cheese at GT. Gallagher had regularly ribbed me about writing bubblegum pieces. I was now vindicated and would have some ammunition for the future. Seriously though, it was a big moment for me and for GT. Somebody was reading us!
It's funny, because I vividly remember Monday saving the flag. Of course, I had no idea back then that 32 years later, that event would play a part in a big moment in my life, too.
Rick Monday and me at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA-June 2008.


Wrigley Wax said...

Congrats on the article! I too remember watching the game on channel 9 but not seeing what happened because it was Arne Harris' policy to never show any fans that got on the field- he didn't want them getting any TV face time. I remember Jack Brickhouse describing what happened and then a shot of the Dodger Stadium scoreboard with a thank you Rick Monday message.

Johngy said...

I almost missed Monday. We got to the park very early and waited for him. We kept watching for him, but grabbed others for other interviews. Then I saw Monday emerge from the dugout and immediately head up the ramp towards the tv booths. I had to sprint across the field, but I caught him near the clubhouse. He was in a hurry, but when I mentioned the flag event, he stopped immediately and gave me a few minutes. It was such a thrill.

Laurie said...

kudos to you.

Johngy said...

Kudos to you, as well. Thank you for your faith and encouragement.