Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spotlight on Cards:

In previous posts about Mike Squires, I listed my favorite cards of his and presented his little-known Toronto Blue Jays cards. Today, I am featuring my least favorite card of Squires.
The 1983 Topps card of Squires gets that honor. There is very little about this card that I like.
I don't mind the actual design of the card. Therefore that did not affect my decision. The striping color scheme works very well with the White Sox uniforms of that time.
Now the uniforms...there is one problem. I hated those uniforms. They replaced the softball uniforms the Sox had been wearing, but they were just as bad in their own way. Besides, Squires looks like his uniform is a bit too small for him. Squires wasn't a bulky, muscle guy either.
From the looks of the 'action' on the card, I am guessing Squires just walked and is jogging to 1st base. Other bloggers (like White Sox Cards and Night Owl Cards) are much better at the game of figuring out this type of stuff. In any case, it is a weak-looking shot, which is the main reason for my disdain.
This card does serve one purpose. At least it proves that everything Squires is not golden in my eyes (just most of it). So, Ed Mann, if you are reading this, this one is for you, buddy!
1983 Topps Mike Squires card.


White Sox Cards said...

Out of all the horrible uniforms that the Sox had in the eighties, I think these were the best. That's not saying much though. Just remember they could have been much worse.

Johngy said...

i remember that post of yours. It was a great one. You are right that the uniforms could have been worse. I hated those uniforms because they were so plain (and not in an old school NY Yankees sort of way).
I just picture players like Bill Melton, Ed Herrmann and Dick Allen wearing those and I cringe. Come one...even my guy Squires couldn't make them look good!