Monday, July 27, 2009

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

I got to know the Evil Zebra after running a piece on meeting the Honky Tonk Man. EZ emailed me to tell me he thought it was funny and was sending it to the Honky Tonk Man, one of his friends. He invited me into his Yahoo group, EvilZebra:The Official Home of Team PMA. EZ is the East Coast's favorite referee!
I was amazed at the number and variety of people EZ has met. I was simply fascinated by looking at all of the pictures. Like me, some of the celebs he met, became friends.
One of his friends was the late comedian Paul Lynde. Lynde was famous for his role on tv's Bewitched and for being long-time center square on Hollywood Squares.

EZ first met Lynde when Lynde was a guest host on the Mike Douglas Show in the early 70's in Philadelphia. They became friends and would get usually get together when Lynde performed on the East Coast.
The picture below was taken a few months before Lynde's death. It was backstage at the Valley Forge Music Fair, theater in the round in Valley Forge (PA).
EZ has agreed to share more pictures and stories in the future and I am certainly looking forward to his contributions. Thanks to EZ for sharing this great stuff with Johngy's Beat.
This piece was scheduled to run last week, but due to a posting snafu (a moment of small brain on my part), it was delayed until today. It's usually not wise to mess with EZ, but for some reason he took it easy on me over this situation (maybe setting me up for later?).
Paul Lynde and the Evil Zebra in Valley Forge, PA-1981.


L'uragano (The Hurricane) said...

Oh my God. Oh. My. God. Oh my God! It's flippin' Paul Lynde

Rebecca said...

I loved Paul Lynde back in the day. What a blast!

Rocco said...

Paul Lynde ruled as Center Square.

Mike Gonzalez said...

Paul Lynde rocked that suit!

Johngy said...

Thanks to all for stopping by and for responding.
Big thanks to Evil Zebra for the pic.

Evil Zebra said...

Thanks for all the comments.....

Glad you enjoyed the pic!

Paul was great guy and funny as hell to be around!

Take it,

P.S. Hey Johngy... I sent a link to this piece over to not only Honky, but also to another good buddy... King Kong Bundy!

Johngy said...

Wow, comments from the Hurricane, several new readers and the Evil Zebra himself. I am speechless!

Scorehead Zeke said...

I had to show this to my mom. She loved Paul on Bewitched and the Squares

Evil Zebra said...

Don't be "Speechless" Johngy....

After all what did you expect with EZ in da house!! lol

I'm glad everyone and even their mothers are enjoying the pic of the late, great "Uncle Arthur" Paul Lynde.... for those who might remember, Paul also had a recurring role on the "Munsters" which was also pretty funny...

And who could ever forget the Paul Lynde Show... I'm sure alot of you have, as it was pretty bad!! LOL

Paul's greatest work was definately done in the center square!!

Take it,