Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catching Up with Brad Ausmus

When my sister's family lived in Houston for much of the 00's, we would always go to the Cubs games at Houston. Brad Ausmus was always one of our favorite players (except for the infamous ball incident with my brother-in-law Scott).
This year, Ausmus is playing closer to his home with the Los Angeles Dodgers. At 40, there are questions about his future. I addressed these two topics, when I talked to him at Miller Park in Milwaukee a couple weeks ago.
Ausmus is a class act. He is one of the real gems in baseball. When he retires, he will be missed, at least until he becomes a major league manager, as many predict.
Check out my interview with Ausmus here, along with the rest of my interviews on YouTube.

Brad Ausmus and me in Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI-July 2009.

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