Saturday, August 15, 2009

Seasons in the Sun

Last week, I featured my first softball team photo. This week, I fast forwarded about 15 years to feature my Dogs of War softball team.
After several seasons on the field and several cutbacks in the office, it became too much of a challenge to field a team at Lerner Newspapers. Fortunately around the same time, Louie's team was suffering from attrition, too.
I was occasionally asked to be a sub (when they were really desperate). Aside from being in a men's league, this team was definitely a step-up competitively from the Lerner teams.
The picture below is one of my favorite shots. It just screams 'softball'. I love the sun, mismatched shirts, 16 inch ball...all of it.
I also like the grit shown by Jim G. (standing far right). Jim hit a hard shot and had thoughts of going for 2nd base. The poorly manicured field of Park Ridge didn't fully cooperate, but Jim was not to be denied. A shirtful of dirt, sore shoulder and a great effort later, Jim was safe with another of his key hits.
The Dogs in Park Ridge, IL-mid 2000's.

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Effie said...

This is a great picture. Love it!