Monday, August 3, 2009

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

This is a unique edition of 'Friendly Encounters'. Usually, I feature friends who have met celebrities. Today, I am still featuring friends, but this time they are 'meeting' the childhood home of Michael Jackson.

Dave Plonczynski and I became friends while attending Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago (IL). We had a lot of fun bowling, playing videos at Wright's Barnyard and Friar Tuck's and just hanging out. Mooner was also one of the guys I recruited for the Losers basketball team.
A lot of time has passed since then. Recently, Plonczynski and I reconnected. I was pleasantly surprised to hear of his 4 children. (I guess I realized
just how long it had been.)
Plonczynski recently took his children on a vacation which included a quick stop at the childhood home of the recently-deceased Michael Jackson. When I heard about the trip and that he had a picture, I asked him to share it here. Like or dislike MJ, a big piece of musical history was born in that small house.
Thanks to Dave for sharing this picture.
Dave Plonczynski and his children outside Michael Jackson's childhood home in Gary, IN-July 2009.

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