Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thirty Seconds with Scott Eyre

Scott Eyre spent parts of 7 seasons pitching on both sides of Chicago. He has been with the Philadelphia Phillies since mid-season 2008.
I had the chance to talk with Eyre before a game against the Mets in New York. Eyre was very polite, although like most athletes, he was pressed for time, but he did give me a quick interview.
I asked Eyre about his favorite baseball city to visit and about his feelings for Chicago. His answers were very clear and honest. The interview is here, along with the rest of my interviews on YouTube.
Eyre is a class act. He gave a solid effort during his time in Chicago and was always willing to talk to the media, good or bad.
Scott Eyre and me in Citi Field in Flushing, NY-June 2009.


White Sox Cards said...

He was one of my favorites out of the bullpen when he was with the Sox. Nice quick interview!

Johngy said...

Thanks for stopping by.

My questions will never win any awards, but the players usually like them because they are different.

White Sox Cards said...

That's how you stand out. Any type of celebrity is sick of hearing the same questions thousands of times. A fresh question usually perks them up a bit.