Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Future Old Times at Miller Park

This is one of those pictures I might use in 20 years under a post called "Old Times at Miller Park". This picture is pure baseball to me. Taken before a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park, the photo features 3 of my favorite players from the 70's and 80's.
At left is Stormin' Gorman Thomas, a feared slugger who played most of his career with the Brewers. Thomas hit 268 HR's over 13 seasons.
In the middle is Larry Bowa, an All-Star shortstop who played mainly for the Philadelphia Phillies. Bowa was gritty and fiery, a real throwback.
On the right is Jimmy Gantner, who played 17 seasons with the Brewers, mostly at 2nd base. Gantner, Paul Molitor and Robin Yount hold the record for most games played as teammates.
Just seeing these 3 together was pretty cool. Even better, I got to talk to Thomas and Gantner shortly after this picture (stay tuned for future interview postings). I had previously
interviewed Bowa, along with Mike Easler, a couple years back.
One more thing, as an added bonus, the player to Bowa's right in the background is Brad Ausmus. Ausmus would fit right in with the previously mentioned trio.
Gorman Thomas, Larry Bowa and Jimmy Gantner in Miller Park in Milwaukee-WI-July 2009.

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