Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Got a Mike Squires!

Steve over at White Sox Cards has done it again. As I have featured before, Steve is the genius behind 'Cards That Never Were', 'Birth Year Cards' and other such gems.
Steve recently developed a new White Sox application for Facebook. Currently there are 143 items, although I haven't seen them all yet. Some are locked, but the more you send, the more get unlocked.
Ordinarily, I don't use many of the applications on Facebook. Steve got me hooked on his White Sox creation by thoughtfully and wisely sending me a 'Mike Squires'. Yep, I am the proud owner of a 'Mike Squires'. How awesome!
Now I am anxiously awaiting the unlocking of more. Is there a Bart Johnson? A Nyls Nyman? A Brian Downing? A Bucky Dent? An Eddie Leon? An Eric Soderholm? Okay...gotta slow down and breathe. You all know how I get about those 70's White Sox!
The 'Mike Squires' I received from Steve at White Sox Cards.

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