Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 21st, Big Money

Today is my nephew Matt's (aka Big Money) birthday. Not just any birthday, but his 21st birthday. Young Matthew has reached the age of legality. Oh good gosh, bartenders in Lincoln Park better beware.
Matt is a great kid, although I shouldn't call him a kid. Aside from his usual windsockiness in regard to sports teams, he is a lot of fun and a good guy in general.
We have stalked Jimmy Wynn, watched Cash Cab until our brains are numb, eaten chicken pizza until our bellies are full and have made Coke bets on everything imaginable. We have had a lot of great times and made some great memories. Matt also shares my love of fountain Cokes.
I love you, big man. Have a great birthday and fantastic year.
Matt Parker and me in Matteson, IL-early 90's.


Big Money said...

Why is there a Pepsi next to you?

Evil Zebra said...


OK.... I'm gonna be the EVIL one and ask...

If the two of you are such big COKE
fans, then why the HELL are there PEPSI cans at your party!?!?!


Take it,

Johngy said...

You all got me, although I could claim that is strictly circumstantial, as there is no proof it is my Pepsi.
Maybe my tastes have matured over the years. Maybe I was simply being a good guest and not complain about the beverage selection.
I will say, my family and friends have changed their ways and have Coke available everytime I am expected to visit.
Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

kate bee said...

and WHAT kind of can is that in the pic????? Coke, I think NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also LOVE the "CRASH JOHN" spelled out on the fridge in magnet letters