Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joe Torre and Johngy:Part 2

The last time I saw Joe Torre, I was in the Los Angeles Dodgers dugout partaking in his pre-game interview session. That was my first taste of an interview session like that.
Several weeks ago, when I ran into Torre again, it was one-on-one and it did not turn out as well. Nothing happened. Torre politely turned down my request. He did add that I could try to catch him after the game in the dugout if I wanted.
I thanked him anyway and later chose not to approach him after the game. I had other post-game plans and I had already gotten a few good videos from other players.
I wasn't mad or even upset in the least. Actually, I was kind of pleased with his attitude towards me. I am not a beat writer, nor am I a writer for one of the big sports media outlets. My work is here and for Global Traveler magazine.
I always thought Torre was a class act. He had a great playing career and he is having a great managing career. Getting a polite decline from a future Hall of Famer isn't all that bad.

Joe Torre and me at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI-June 2009.

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