Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Franchise:Shane Douglas

Shane Douglas wrestled for several organizations during his 20+ years in the ring. He won many titles, but was never really a main-eventer in the big companies.
Douglas has stated that Ric Flair is partially responsible for holding him back. The two had feuds on and off-screen. Wrestling, like everything else, can be an ugly business and it is hard to tell what really happened.
I met Douglas at the Brian Pillman Memorial Show in Cincinnati (OH). I was a bit surprised with how fan-friendly Douglas was. Douglas took extra time, beyond his assigned time, to meet as many fans as had lined up for him. Not only that, but he was eager and talkative the whole time. That is really going above the norm.
It makes me wonder even more. He had good wrestling skills, was good on the mic and was a hit with the fans. Who knows why some guys really make it and others don't. Douglas has had a fine career, but I am left curious as to why he did not ascend to greater heights.
Shane Douglas and me in Cincinnati, OH-May 2000.

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