Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kevin Von Erich and the Iron Claw

Kevin Von Erich has faced a lot of adversity in his life. Kevin has lost all five of his brothers (four as adults and one as an infant) to varying causes. The successes and tragedies of the Von Erich family is legendary.
When I met Kevin, I found him to be such a nice guy. I approached him in the lobby and asked for a picture with him. He misunderstood and thought I was asking for his autograph. He started to politely decline, because he did not want to upset the ticket-holders who had paid to meet him the next day. I explained that I was going to be at the show, but I was just hoping for a picture. After I explained this, he seemed to relax and gladly posed for my picture.
Imagine that. It wasn't that he didn't want to sign or pose, he just didn't want to upset the paying fans.
The next day, during a panel discussion, he talked about how he felt lucky in life. Imagine that #2. This guy has seen 4 of his adult brothers die and he remains a positive guy. It wasn't a sugary fake positive either.
Earlier this year, Kevin represented the Von Erich family as they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. That is very fitting, as Kevin is a Hall of Fame guy, a true gentleman
Kevin Von Erich and me in St. Petersburg, FL-January 2005.

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