Friday, September 11, 2009

Lauren Brooke or Lauren Thompson?

Lauren Brooke works for Total Nonstop Wrestling as a backstage interviewer. She also appears on the Golf Channel, but as Lauren Thompson.
I don't know what the deal is with the two names. Maybe it is TNA wanting to own her name, like wrestling companies often do. Still, I don't know why TNA wouldn't want to capitalize on the extra exposure and connection to the Golf Channel.
Brooke is a frequent guest on the celebrity convention circuit. Often, she is more popular than the female wrestlers. At a fan event before a ppv last year in Chicago, Brooke had people waiting in line to meet her, even though she wasn't technically a guest. She was there 'covering' the event for TNA.

Brooke is very nice and willing to discuss TNA. I really hope TNA doesn't destroy her character by dragging her into bad storylines.
Lauren Brooke and me in New York, NY, June 2009.

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