Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Pinch Hitter for Johngy

A few people have asked me about the questions I ask my interview subjects. For the most part, when I talk to baseball players, I start by asking for their favorite city to visit. This is a good ice-breaker, because reporters usually ask baseball-related questions. Plus, I am working this info into a future piece for my Global Traveler blog.
After that, depending on time, I will ask about their career or perhaps time in Chicago, if they played here. This is a pretty good way to end the conversation, because it lets them know I know something about their career and am not just asking silly questions.
Really though, none of that matters. Below is an excellent example of what really matters. That's Manny Mota, pinch-hitter deluxe and me. Manny Mota and me!
I followed Mota's career through box scores in newspapers (long before you could get them online) and baseball cards. Now there I am talking to him as a peer of sorts. What a blast!
If that isn't cool enough, I have stood on the field or in the dugout and clubhouse at Citi Field, Miller Park, Dodger Stadium, the MetroDome and Minute Maid Park. I have walked around with legit press credentials.
Make no mistake about it though. I know I am not a sports reporter. I don't care, because in the words of legendary Chicago radio personality Jonathon Brandmeier...I'm just havin' fun!

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