Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bear Down Sunday #4

The Chicago Bears stand at 2-1 and face the Detroit Lions. A win brings them to a crispy 3-1, a nice start. A loss to the lowly Lions would even their record and lower hopes.
Zorich is four years younger than me, but grew up fairly close to my childhood home. I did not know him, however I did follow his career. He had an outstanding career at Notre Dame, before playing 6 years for the Chicago Bears and one for the Washington Redskins.
Zorich had a lot of talent, but was a bit undersized. Still, he gave it his all and was very successful.
Zorich was (and still is) one of the good guys. The Christopher Zorich Foundation was established in 1993. According to the mission statement, was "it is committed to the realization of human potential". Zorich isn't just an unseen figurehead. He has always been actively involved and on the scene for the foundation's events.
I had the pleasure of meeting Zorich many times. The first time was at the 1994 Bears training camp. After an exhausting scrimmage, Zorich stopped and chatted with fans, posing and signing autographs for a long time.
Chris Zorich in Platteville, WI-August 1994.

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