Saturday, October 3, 2009

RIP:Lenny Yacobozzi

I was driving to my sister's house when she called me with the sad news. Our cousin Lenny had died of a heart attack. Lenny was in his early 50's.
I first met Lenny in the mid 70's, when I met the rest of the Yacobozzi family. They were cousins who lived in Amherst (OH). His parents were Enio and Hazel and his sisters were Cathy and Lori. We were all related on my mother's side, although I am not sure of the exact connection.
They visited Chicago a few times and we went to Amherst a few times. We even made a longer trek to Boston to visit Lenny when he attended the Berkley School of Music. Lenny was a drummer and a funny, funny guy.
We had such fun. We played cards. We went to amusement parks. We had great meals. We had tremendous laughs. Lots and lots of laughs.
All of us kids were growing up and getting busy. We lost touch for a while. In recent years, there were a couple get-togethers that I missed, because of a dark period in my life. There was talk of getting together soon.
It wasn't soon enough. Lenny is gone.
Lenny and the Yacobozzi family hold a dear place in my heart and in my memories. We had great times and Lenny had an impact on me. I really wish we could have talked to each other as adults.
Lenny is survived by his parents, his sisters and a son and daughter. My prayers are with them in this sad time.
Lenny Yacobozzi in OH-August 1975.


White Sox Cards said...

Sorry to hear about the loss.o

Johngy said...

Thanks, Steve. The lesson is to make that contact, call that friend...before it is too late.

White Sox Cards said...

Well said!