Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cards That Never Were:Johngy Style

Lately, it seems I have been seeing more of specially created cards by my fellow bloggers. Steve at White Sox Cards produces 'Cards That Never Were' (among other creations). At Baseball Card Recollections, 'Topps Cards That Never Were' usually features greats of the game who never had a final card. Over at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes, 'Final Tribute' cards are mostly produced for standout Dodgers.
I love, love, love these cards. I have even put some of Steve's creations on this site (a Ricky Seilheimer 1981 Topps, a Mick Kelleher 1973 Topps and a Rick Stelmaszek 1974 Topps Traded).
I am not very talented with PhotoShop or other such programs. My cut-and-paste skills were fantastic in the pre-pc days, but have since been totally put to shame. With that being written, I have ventured into the 'Cards That Never Were' action.
Of course, my first attempt had to be a card of Mike Squires. I am still hoping for a 1976 card of Squires in the old red and blue uniform, but I decided to make a 1977 card of him.
I know, Squires didn't even play in 1976 and barely played in 1977. I also know Squires had a Topps rookie card in 1979 (which was shared with Mike Colbern and Ross Baumgart
en). Still, I chose 1977, because it was the easiest card for a novice like me to create.
I will put out this offer, however. If any of my fellow bloggers creates a Squires card from 1976, 1978, 1979 (non-rookie) or 1986 (Final Tribute), I will devote a blog to you, the card and your blog and I promise to send over a small stack of cards from your 'Want List' as thanks.
Now, without further adieu, I present how a Mike Squires 1977 Topps card might have looked.
1977 Topps Mike Squires by Johngy.


Anonymous said...

If you can provide the pics, I can make them for you if no one else wants to. I just did a Google image search, and didn't see anything large enough to use at first glance.

White Sox Cards said...

Great job!

I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a Squires picture in the old red and blue uniform. If I do find one, the card will be done! :)

gcrl said...

awesome. love the black eye!

Johngy said...

I appreciate the comments. Of course, I know this was a simple creation, as opposed to some of the work you all have done.