Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Evil Zebra

After the Evil Zebra emailed me for the first time, I checked out his site and I was blown away by the people he has met. The list goes from Hollywood Hall of Famers like Bob Hope to entertainers like Paul Lynde to wrestling legends past and present like Killer Kowalski and King Kong Bundy. I could only imagine the stories EZ could tell. However, why should I just imagine? I have the opportunity to actually hear them and put them here for all of you to read, as well.
I quickly asked EZ if he would be willing to share some of his stories on a regular basis. A little while back, I featured his meeting with the late-great comedian Paul Lynde. Monday, I will be featuring his encounter with the former talk show host icon Mike Douglas.
Okay, that is past and future, so why am I writing this today. Oh today is a special day. Today is the birthday of the Evil Zebra.
I am not sure about what makes him evil (or if he really is evil). I hate to ruin a reputation and potentially incur his wrath, but he seems downright nice to me. Well, maybe you can be evil and nice?!
Whichever the case, I want to send out a birthday greeting to my newest bud, Evil Zebra. It has been a real pleasure getting to know more about you and I look forward to more stories and sometime even meeting you!


Evil Zebra said...

It's not often when an EVIL ZEBRA can thank JAY LENO for the special birthday post.... but today's the day!

I even posted a special plug to JAY LENO and Johngy's Beat over in EZland tonight...

Thanks JAY!!

Take it,

Johngy said...

And it's not often I can feature an Evil Zebra! I also highly recommend EZ's site to everyone.