Friday, October 30, 2009

High Fidelity

A few weeks ago, we went to see "High Fidelity", a musical based on the 90's film of the same name starring John Cusack. I had no idea what to expect, but I got much more than I thought I would.
Every performer was simply outstanding (which probably makes no sense by definition). Still, this is my blog, my review and my way. Therefore each was outstanding.
After the show, we hung around the bar area and met several of the performers and the lyricist Amanda Green. They were all very friendly and seemed genuinely touched and pleased that we had such positive comments about each and the show in general.
Unfortunately, the show ended its Chicago run, but the Route 66 Theater Company will continue producing other quality theatre. If given the opportunity, do not pass on Route 66!
Jonathan Wagner, Amanda Green, Stef Tovar and me in Chicago, IL-Sept. 2009.


White Sox Cards said...

One of my favorite movies! I'm shocked that they made a musical of it. If it ever runs again, I'll definitely have to see it!

Johngy said...

I am not much for musicals and I had no idea what to expect. I found myself stunned. Every time a different performer took the spotlight, I found myself thinking that it was a show-stealer. In the end, I couldn't decide what was the best.
The post-show meetings was pretty cool, too. The stars were all smaller than they seemed on stage (and we had front row seats).
I totally recommend it if it ever runs again.

Laurie Anne said...

I liked the musical even more than I enjoyed the movie. In fact, I didn't like the movie much at all and found myself totally engaged in this performance! The theatre was awesome too. We had Frank Sinatra-esque stageside table and there was even a love seat in the back.
It rocked!

Johngy said...

A great night all around.