Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old Times at Platteville

In 1994, 4 Bears fans from Lerner Newspapers and the Chicago area trekked out to Platteville to check out the Chicago Bears during training camp. Those men were Louie Atsaves, Jason Farber, Darryl Corter and me.What a blast we had. It was scorching hot (I think Darryl is still suffering the effects of his sunburn). We sat under the blazing sun and watched a scrimmage. This was right before Coach Dave Wannstedt's 2nd season with the Bears. It would be a 9-7 season and would give Chicago fans hope for good things (which didn't happen).
We ate at a restaurant which only served 'white' pop (which apparently meant no cola beverages). At that same restaurant, Louie ate his potato without even realizing it (he still denies eating it). We also made a trip to the casino boats by the river (was that Dubuque?).
I love the photo below because of the interaction between Wannstedt and his quarterback Steve Walsh (#4). I am assuming Walsh is introducing Wannstedt to his wife. This makes sense, since this was Walsh's first year with the Bears.
I also like that former Bears lineman and Chicago broadcaster Dan Jigggetts can be seen to the left. He is the large man (very large man) in black pants.
After scrimmage at Bears training camp in Platteville, IL-August 1994.


Didi Dynamo said...

reOk, this is a very interesting photo. You look better now than then; Louis looks almost the same. You guys look hot and sweaty. I can almost smell y'all. Good photo...

Sky Torvis said...

Daryl is so pasty white that he's almost invisible in front of that sign!!

Johngy said...

Didi and Sky,
Hey guys...thanks for stopping by.