Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Just Me (and Me and Me and Me...)

It all started with this self-portrait. In 1989, for whatever reason, I decided to make cartoon heads of co-worker Louie Atsaves and myself. These faces eventually found their way onto tshirts and an odd phenomenon was born.
It is simple, but fairly outdated now. The hair is much less black and much more gray. The glasses are smaller, the face not clean-shaven and the hair a lot shorter.

The Simpsons have been around since 1989. The Simpsons have appeared everywhere. It only took 20 years, but thanks to Simpsonize Me, Johngy has joined the Simpson universe. I was disappointed that I couldn't get any good face fuzz, but other than that, it is a pretty good replica.
While the Simpsons were huge when I was younger, South Park became huge in the late 90's. I ventured over to SP Studios to make myself a resident of South Park (CO). This is probably the most realistic animated version of me. The options are numerous.
As a kid, didn't everyone dream of being a superhero? I stumbled across the Hero Factory, which made me one. I was a little disappointed with some lack of options. I think I ended up looking a little like John Stamos, but I like the 'Four Eyed Brute' tag!
This next one came from Wee World. It had a fair amount of options, but the bodies were limited.
I am not even sure what to do with an avatar, but Meez allows you to create pretty interesting ones. The options were mind-numbing, but often not what I wanted. The big bottle of Coke was a nice accessory.
If anyone knows any other good similar sites, let me know.

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