Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bear Down Sunday #10

The Chicago Bears are 4-5 and hosting the Philadelphia Eagles who are 5-4. Philly's quarterback is Chicago's own Donovan McNabb, but today I am highlighting Harold Carmichael, their greatest wide receiver.
Carmichael played 13 years with the Eagles before ending his career with 2 games for the Dallas Cowboys. The 4 time Pro Bowler stood 6'8" and provided a nice target for his various QB's.
When I met Carmichael at the Ultimate Collectibles Show, I was really hoping to get a picture with him standing. Being that the show was in Oaks (about 20 minutes out of Philly), Carmichael was one of the most popular stars. There was no time for him to keep getting up for pictures, although he gladly posed if you bent down next to him.
I really didn't get to talk to him because of the crowd, but I can tell you that he made sure everyone got an autograph. He worked hard, but thoughtfully as he made his way through the long line ready to meet him.
Harold Carmichael and me in Oaks, PA-October 2009.

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