Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Music-Part 1:Kyle Broflofski

The holiday season is upon us. Holiday songs are on the radio and in the stores. There are a ton of holiday songs and everyone seems to be getting in the act. Therefore, I needed to give a Johngy's Beat approval to a handful of great holiday songs. Over the season, I will be sprinkling in these songs. I hope you enjoy and if not, let me know which ones you like.
The first selection comes from Kyle Broflofski of South Park, CO. Yes, our little friend from the popular animated series makes my list with his mournful ode to being Jewish during Christmas time.
There are other humorous holiday tunes (Adam Sandler's Christmas Song and Lou Monte's Dominick the Donkey), but Kyle's version is not only the best of those, it is also good enough to make my overall holiday list. I am pretty sure Laurie will appreciate this (although Cartman is really her man).

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