Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bear Down Sunday #13

The Chicago Bears are 5-7 after barely beating the woeful Rams last week. Today the Bears face the Green Bay Packers who are 8-4. This should have been a great matchup of 2 teams with great young quarterbacks on the rise. Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers is rising faster than Jay Cutler. Therefore today I will concentrate on the defense.
Steve McMichael ended his career with the Packers, but who will always belong to the Bears.
McMichael was drafted by the New England Patriots, but joined the Chicago Bears after one season. Mongo played 13 stellar seasons in Chicago, before finishing his career north of the border. Mongo likes to say he tries to forget that season. I have never officially met McMichael. That seems odd. He has done a fair amount of appearances, but I somehow have missed him. It seems everyone else has seen him, but me. Even my old friend Tom Skalski met Mongo, although he failed to photographically capture the moment, thus missing an opportunity to appear on Johngy's Beat.
The Bears defense also misses McMichael or a Mongo-type player. Just writing this post makes me long for the days of big #76 on the defense!
Steve McMichael in Indiana-early 00's.

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