Monday, December 14, 2009

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

For today's feature, I went old school. Literally, old school, as in my old school, Mount Carmel High School.
Fr. Robert Carroll was one of my favorite teachers. The flannel-wearing priest taught 'Philosophical Literature' and 'Existential Literature' and I did well in both. I won the medal as the top student in Ex. Lit. and I probably should have won it in both, but I don't think that was allowed. It was in these classes that I really started to develop some real writing skills.
Anyway, Mt. Carmel held many fund-raising events. At one such event, veteran actor Danny Thomas was a special guest celebrity. Thomas was a major hit with the crowd.
I am surprised MC didn't cover the event better. Even in the yearbook, there was only one picture and that is below. Maybe it is my Marketing background which just screams that there should have been more pre- and post-event hype.
Fortunately for Johngy's Beat, that one photo existed and I am happy to reproduce it here.
Danny Thomas and Fr. Robert Carroll in Chicago, IL-Early 1980's.


Moms Mabley said...

That's great.

Johngy said...

If only I knew enough to get in the picture.

Greg said...

I think I took that photo. I was the photographer for the MC Big Event, and took photos at the party afterwards. I was the only student at the event, since it was a fund raiser.

Johngy said...

Little did you know you'd end up on Johngy's Beat.