Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bear Down Sunday #14

The Chicago Bears are now 5-8 after losing to the Packers last week. This week, the Bears face the Baltimore Ravens who are 7-6 and still alive in the playoff hunt. The Ravens are always known for their fierce defense. Today I am featuring Tom Zbikowski one of their defensive backs.
I had followed Zbikowski's career for a while. He is a local Chicago area guy who had a lot of success at the University of Notre Dame. He is in his third season with the Baltimore Ravens and made his first start just 2 weeks ago.
Matt and I met Zbikowski at Triple Threat Sports last year. Zbikowski was pretty quiet, amost seeming uncomfortable doing the appearance. Still it was fun meeting him. Usually I meet athletes years after their career have ended. It's rather unusual to meet one this early in his career.
Maybe the Bears will do something unusual this week and play good on both sides of the ball and actually win a game. I am not counting on that however.
Tom Zbikowski, Matt Parker and me in Mokena, IL-Fall 2008.


Fury said...

I am surprised at the good conditions of the NFL fields in the Northeast. How do you remove that much snow and "dispose" of it that quickly?

News to Bears....... stop dropping the ball.


Johngy said...

I was wondering the same thing. Where did all of the snow go?

Bears need to stop lots of bad things.