Monday, December 21, 2009

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

The last time I did a feature on The Writer's Journey, it was because Jason created a 1986 Topps card of Mike Squires. I really appreciated that gesture and the card creation! When I saw that Jason was going to Reds Fest, I asked him if I could run some of his pictures.

The Writer's Journey is a cool site, offering lots of interesting stuff (mostly) on the Cincinnati Reds. It also has features on other things and teams, but clearly Jason loves the Reds. However, Reds fan or not, it is always a good read.
I don't want to borrow all of Jason's stuff and you should certainly check out his more-detailed reports and pictures on Reds Fest 2009. Jason features some cool pictures and signed baseball cards by some current Reds and some great Reds of the past
, like 1960's pitcher Jim O'Toole (on the right), who ended his career with the Chicago White Sox. Jim's brother Dennis, was one of my early favorites, pitching for the White Sox a couple years after Jim retired.
Below are two current Reds. Joey Votto (on the left) is a favorite of my friend Swede. Chris Dickerson (on the right below) is one of the stars on my fantasy league team. Hopefully, his 2010 season will be a breakout year for him. I especially like this picture...young Joshua eagerly and respectfully waiting for Dickerson's autograph.
Joshua didn't just meet Reds superstar players, he also met Mr. Redlegs. Mr. Redlegs is a favorite at the ballpark (how can he not be with a mustache like that?).
Thanks to Jason (and Joshua) for sharing these pictures. Hopefully, we will see more from these Reds fans!
Until then, do yourself a favor and check out The Writer's Journey. Reds fan or otherwise, you won't be disappointed!
Joshua Carter and Mr. Redlegs in Cincinnati, OH-December 2009.

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