Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dan McNeil (aka Danny Mac, Dangerous Dan, Dah Mahna)

Dan McNeil was one of 'the Originals' at the Score (WSCR), a sports radio station in Chicago. Danny Mac had a nine year run there and then spent time on WMVP (ESPN's local radio affiliate in Chicago). McNeil returned to the Score in June of 2009.
I admit (and I told McNeil this, too) that I wasn't a huge fan of his during his time on WMVP (although I had liked his work previously on the Score). It wasn't a dislike, but more of an apathetic feeling. I was apprehensive about his return to the Score. I am happy to admit that I have totally enjoyed McNeil (and Matt Spiegel) since his return. I told this to McNeil as well.
McNeil and Ed Sherman co-wrote The Great Book of Chicago Sports Lists. I attended a book discussion featuring the duo at the Book Stall in Winnetka (IL). They talked about parts of the book and fielded questions from the crowd.
After the discussion, McNeil spent time with everyone who approached him. He didn't just give a quick signature. I especially was impressed with how he talked to a teenage journalist-hopeful.
As for the book, it is funny and thought-provoking (or debate-inducing). It's the kind of stuff that sports fans can discuss forever. The book and its' authors are real winners.
Dan McNeil and me in Winnetka, IL-November 2009.

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