Friday, December 4, 2009

Hellena Heavenly is a Real Wrestler

I met Hellena Heavenly at the Pillman Memorial Show in 2001. Actually, we kind of ran into each other in the backstage hallway. After the near-collision, we talked for a couple minutes.
I have lamented in previous posts about the lack of skilled women wrestlers. More specifically, I have rallied against plastic models getting pushed ahead of real women wrestlers. It is a shame. Hellena Heavenly is a real wrestler. She is technically sound.
I am surprised that HH never made it into one of the big wrestling organizations. Usually they bring in skilled women to make their plastic women look better (wrestling-wise) in the ring. In other words, the good ones carry the eye-candy to better matches.
I told her that I appreciated her wrestling skills and hoped that she would get a shot at the big time some day. It's nine years later and HH is probably nearing 40 now. Therefore, unless she makes it as a trainer, I really don't see her getting signed by one of the big boys at this point. Too bad.
Hellena Heavenly and me in Cincinnati, OH-May 2001.


Evil Zebra said...

Hellena Heavenly is in fact a "Real Wrestler" and how do I know that you ask?

She's on my "Wall of Fame" so she must be a "Real Wrestler"!!!

That being said.... I've know HH for years and not only is she a "Real Wrestler" but she's also a "REAL Nice Person"!!

Take it,

Johngy said...

If EZ says it, I believe it.
HH was very nice. I think she didn't expect to run into any fans at that point, but she graciously posed with me and talked for a minute.
Maybe HH needs another H in her name to get a shot in the WWE.