Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Scott and Matt at Kenny & Ziggy's

Last year, I was in Houston to interview former pitcher David Clyde for an online piece for Global Traveler magazine. Scott and Matt (former Houston residents) joined me on the trip. While there, we took in a Houston Texans game against the Tennessee Titans.
Prior to the game, we loaded up with food at a little hidden gem, Kenny & Ziggy's New York Delicatessen Restaurant.
The food was so outstanding, I actually reviewed Kenny and Ziggy's for Global Traveler's EFlyer on 2/25/09.
GT usually runs reviews of more formal restaurants. I pushed for the exception, because Kenny & Ziggy's was just that exceptional.
I had my usual turkey and swiss sandwich, but it was not your usual turkey and swiss sandwich. It was incredibly fresh bread, enveloping a mound of fresh, juicy, tasty turkey and a good hunk of swiss cheese. Scott and Matt had beef brisket, which was similar. As a sidenote, when they asked for a sample, they got a heaping helping.
Once again, I am heading to Houston for some work. Once again, Scott and Matt will be joining me. We will be going to the Texans game against the Seattle Seahawks. However, before the game, we will be stopping by Kenny & Ziggy's for our pre-game tailgating meal.
Matt and Scott Parker in front of Kenny & Ziggy's van in Houston, TX-December 2009.


Jean Parker said...

Hope you guys have a great time in Houston!

Johngy said...

It's all good.