Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Evil Zebra & Dancing Elves?

When we last saw the Evil Zebra, he was being inducted into the Jay Leno Club. EZ has been a a strong supporter, excellent contributor and generally all around good guy to Johngy's Beat (I hope that doesn't hurt his 'evil' image). I absolutely love the pictures and stories EZ contributes and will certainly run more of them in the future. To get more of his stories, pictures and news, you should check out EZ's site.
Recently, EZ posted a funny video featuring dancing elves. I totally cracked up. However, little did I realize that I would become one of the dancing elves on another video he posted a couple days ago. I have to say I am rather impressed with my dancing moves (better than the real me).
If anyone else (elfse?) out there wants to be a dancing elf, you can go to elfyourself. Enjoy it. I sure did.
EZ's Elf stable, featuring Johngy Elf.

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Bitchin' Kate said...

Ok, I see Louie...who are the other elves?