Friday, December 11, 2009

Surely, It's Cindy Williams

I first saw Cindy Williams in American Graffiti. That was a great movie, loaded with stars of the future. Of course, Williams gained her major fame as Shirley in tv's Laverne & Shirley.
I had the pleasure to meet Williams at the Hollywood Collectibles Show several years ago. Williams was very cordial and very polite. She gladly posed for pictures and discussed her career.
There was something different (but good) about Williams. I think it was just how at ease she was. She didn't push herself or her merchandise on anyone. She didn't overdo it. She seemed to exude a quiet class. She seemed to be having fun and spending real time with each person who approached her.
There are a few celebrities at these events who could take lessons from Williams. I didn't see one person walk away dissatisfied in the least.
Cindy Williams and me in Rosemont, IL-early 00's.


DiDi Dynamo said...

She's so girl next door!

Johngy said...

Well, she's no dynamo!