Friday, January 8, 2010

Dawn Marie and Wrestlers Rescue

I first met Dawn Marie in the late 1990's at an appearance at a comic book store in a local mall. Dawn was working with ECW at the time, but later went on to join the WWE and also some independent wrestling organizations.
Last year, I met Dawn again at the Ultimate Collectibles Show in Oaks (PA). By now, Dawn has retired from wrestling, gotten married, had a baby girl and founded Wrestlers Rescue.
Wrestlers Rescue is a charitable organization which creates awareness and raises funds to support the health care needs of retired pro wrestlers. Unlike other sports or entertainment fields, wrestling doesn't have any unions or healthcare plans. Many retired wrestlers (especially those from before the current successful era), did not make enough money and put their bodies through so much abuse. That combination causes financial problems in later life. This is where Wrestlers Rescue tries to help.
In Oaks, Dawn told me about the Slam on the High Seas Cruise, an event run by Wrestlers Rescue. The cruise is a 5 day trip leaving from Tampa (FL) and visiting Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Many wrestling personalities will be aboard, such as Dawn, Tammy Sytch, Lacey Von Erich, Dallas Page and Rikishi.
I took some promo pieces and promised to have my distribution company (Arch News Agency) distribute them around the Chicago area. I also promised to put up some promo pieces on this site. It's a great cause and I am glad to help in any way I can.
The wrestling world recently lost Dr. Death Steve Williams. Williams died after a several year battle with cancer. Dawn Marie and Wrestlers Rescue released a poignant piece about Williams.
Dawn is a wonderful asset to the wrestling community. For years she gave fans a lot of enjoyment in the ring. Now she is giving even more to wrestling.
Steve Williams and Dawn Marie in CO-August 2009.
(Photo courtesy of Dawn Marie)


Bobby said...

Two very special people and a great cause.

Johngy said...

Steve was a great wrestler and a nice guy.
Dawn Marie is very dedicated to helping wrestlers. Wrestlers Rescue seems to be growing and that is great news.