Saturday, January 9, 2010

Scott Eyre Retires

A couple days ago, Scott Eyre announced his retirement. Eyre, 37, pitched for 13 seasons, compiling a 28-30 record with 4 saves.
I cheered for Eyre as he started his career with the Chicago White Sox. After stints in Toronto and San Francisco, I applauded his return to Chicago, this time with the Cubs. Although I hated to see him leave, I am gad he got a World Series ring with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2008.
Last summer, while rain delayed the start of a game between the Phillies and the New York Mets, Flash and I hung in the Phillies dugout, mostly just enjoying the activity around us. We wanted to get some interviews, but the situation wasn't really conducive to that.
We were just chatting with each other when Eyre basically presented himself to us. We quickly jumped on the opportunity and got a short, but excellent interview.
Eyre was refreshing. We asked him about missing Chicago (where he pitched for half of his career). He clearly stated that he didn't miss Chicago. He enjoyed his time in Chicago, but he didn't miss it. It seemed so honest, so different.
As the interview ended, Eyre extended his hand to both of us. While it is not uncommon to shake hands with ballplayers after interviews, usually the reporter starts the exchange. This isn't a major deal, but I think it speaks of Eyre.
I have talked to Eyre a few times. He is honest and above all he is polite and easy-going. I will miss seeing Eyre come baseball season.
Thanks for the memories, Scotty!
Scott Eyre and me at Citi Field in New York, NY-June 2009.


Fury said...

I always felt that Scott was undervalued. He pitched well all last season even with "gravel" in his elbow.

I heard that he wanted to get his arm cleaned out and to go through physical rehab. His family "asked" him to hang up his spikes.

I wish him well.

Johngy said...

I liked Scott and am surprised I never had him on my fantasy roster.