Monday, January 11, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is weekly feature highlighting friends who have met celebs.

I have known Jason Farber for about 18 years and JayHawk Evans for about 15 years. We all worked together at Lerner Newspapers. Corporate bungling led to the demise of the once-great newspaper chain and we all have gone our separate ways, but we have remained friends.
At Lerner, whenever any of our department had any wacky ideas, the rest were usually ready and willing and able to jump in and add to the insanity. It's good to see that the concept has not been lost since our professional parting. On a trip to New York, the two bon vivants were meandering around Times Square when they came across Elmo. They made sure to get the moment photographed so they could take their place in Friendly Encounters.
Despite the smiles in the picture, Farber wasn't pleased with Elmo. Elmo?? I remember Elmo when he was unemployed and homeless, way back in the early 80's. In fact, it was on my suggestion that he went down to Sesame Street to look for work. Now, look at him. He didn't even remember my name that day. He's dead to me.
On the other hand, Evans seemed to have a more positive recollection of the event.
Didn't we run into that walking plush carpet near a theater on Broadway? Wasn't he duking it out with Hello Kitty? I have to say that I don't remember much other than it was one certainly not something I would have expected to see in NYC. But Elmo did take a shining to a couple of American Legends, so he's not all that bad. Now had we seen Oscar the Grouch, I would have marked out for sure!
Wow! Who would have thought Elmo would have provoked such feelings? As for me, I am just glad they shared their photo and memories. I think this type of controversy is just what Johngy's Beat needs to get on the map. Are you reading this, TMZ?
JayHawk Evans, Elmo and Jason Farber in New York, NY-Summer 2009.


Bitchin' Kate said...

Does Elmo have his paw on the one guy's ass???

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Did those guys say that or were you just being funny?

Johngy said...

Not sure where Elmo's paw is, but everyone looks happy, so I won't butt in.
MK-I quoted the men directly.

Jason said...

Yes those were indeed true quotes and I stand by what I said - seeing Oscar the Grouch on Broadway would have been the bomb yo!