Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Johngy's Take...Big Melon Gear

It's no secret that I have a big head. I don't mean I have a big ego (although that might be true, as well). I am talking about a oversized cranium. Even worse, unlike most people with large heads my extra cranial section isn't in width, but rather in height.
This causes problems when I try to buy a hat. I can't find any good baseball caps which sit comfortably on my head. Most end up perched an inch or so above my ears. Forget winter caps, too. They always appear to be stretched to their limit covering my head.
Recently, I thought someone finally solved my problem. I read about a company called Big Melon Gear, which aimed its products at people with large heads (aka big melons). I eagerly raced to my computer to check out their website. Alas, I was to be disappointed again.
I immediately clicked on their section on hats. One line stood out like a sore thumb. "A lot more room around and slightly more room in the crown", it read.
It seems even among the big headed people, I am still suffering from discrimination. Wide head people get a lot more room, but tall head people only get slightly more? What's up with that?
Once again I am forced to swallow the jagged pill of disappointment. Maybe some smart entrepreneur will see this and create the perfect sized hat for the extra tall heads out there. If someone does, I won't even want royalties (although a free hat or two would be nice).

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Laurie said...

Can't you??? Call it Extra Tall Heads, Inc.???? Why not...I'll help you sew a prototype