Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hit By a Chill E. Dog

Last Friday, I featured Skates, the mascot of the Chicago Wolves. Last night, the Wolves the Houston Aeros.
The Aeros joined the IHL in 1994. Their name is an homage to the old Houston Aeros of the WHA of the 70's. Their logo features a bomber plane. They joined th AHL in 1994 and are now affiliated with the Minnesota Wild of the NHL.
Chill E. Dog (aka Chilly) is the mascot of the Aeros. I am not sure how a dog fits in with a bomber. I suppose it would be hard to have an airplane as a mascot though.
When my sister moved to Houston, I told my brother-in-law Scott and nephew Matt that I would like to see every Houston team play at some point. We saw plenty of Astros games, a couple Texans games, a Rockets game and finally planned on seeing the Aeros play the Chicago Wolves in October of 2005.
The significance is that the Houston Astros ended up playing the Chicago White Sox in the World Series that day. While virtually everyone in Houston was either at the game or watching their tv, our family group was among the 1,000 or so people who attended this hockey game.
Topping it off, although I forget the circumstances of what I did, but Chilly ended up bopping me on the head with one of his paws. I think I booed a penalty against the Wolves or something.
I should have given him a forearm shiver in return. Okay, I will let it go. I just have to remember...every dog has his day.
Chill E. Dog in the Toyota Center in Houston, TX-October 2005.

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