Monday, February 22, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series about my friends meeting celebrities.

My sister Nancy has had some memorable appearances in Friendly Encounters. She has been pictured with the red M&M, a Central Park horse and a Japanese rock icon. On a recent trip to Las Vegas (NV) with her friend Diane, Nancy once again scored an unusual celebrity for a picture.
The picture below highlights two of my very favorite things in life...Coke and Las Vegas. Oh I'm just kidding. Of course I meant the color green as well.
Okay, seriously, I love my sister dearly and I am happy that she is always thinking of me. Who else would pose with a Coca-Cola Bear just to make my day?
I do have two questions though. Where is Nancy's right hand and why does the bear look so happy?
The Coca-Cola Bear and Nancy Blais in Las Vegas, NV-Winter 2009.

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