Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cousin Oliver!!!

Robbie Rist will forever be known as Cousin Oliver, the "unlucky" Brady cousin for the last season of The Brady Bunch.
It was hoped that the addition of the Oliver character would help the sagging series, instead it gave rise to "The Cousin Oliver Syndrome". The Cousin Oliver Syndrome occurs when a tv show attempts to boost up dropping ratings by adding a young, cute character (see Happy Days, Family Ties, Facts of Life and others).
It really never works. Unfortunately it usually unfairly tags the young actor with helping to sink a popular show, when in fact the show was already doomed by the time the youngster appeared.
When I met Rist at a Hollywood Celebrities Show, I heard that topic discussed several times. I am sure Rist must be tired of it by now, but he handled it all with good humor. He joked that it cemented his place in tv history.
Rist has actually carved out a nice career acting, playing music, producing and doing voiceover work. None of it would bring him the massive exposure like being a Brady, but all of which allowing him a nice life.
Robbie Rist and me in Rosemont, IL-Fall 2008.

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Jean Parker said...

I loved Cousin Oliver ... he was such a cute kid!