Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Johngy Wins Globility Award

I have been writing a blog for Global Traveler magazine for over two years. I shamelessly promote the blog and I usually get a handful of comments (always more than my Publisher Fran Gallagher gets...not that I keep track).
I have told my Rick Monday-David Stein story before, but I will recap it briefly for any new readers.
For my July 4th (2008) piece, I decided to write a piece on Monday saving the US flag during a game in 1976. Coincidentally, I was attending a game in Los Angeles (where Monday was now a broadcaster) in June. I managed to get an interview with Monday in the clubhouse (thanks to advice from Laurie).
The piece, An Act of Patriotism, appeared on GT's site as planned. That night, I was shocked to hear David Stein of Sporting News Radio reading my blog over the air nationwide.
Of course, I had to tell (brag to) Fran. After taking his barbs about the usual content of my pieces, I had to rub it in a bit. He was ecstatic at the exposure and thanked me in a company-wide email.
Fast forward to January 21, 2010. I was in NY at the newly opened Andaz for GT's annual awards event. As Fran was starting to present the many awards (to airlines, hotels, etc), I went to the restroom. Unfortunately, I did not exit unscathed as my suit pants zipper broke. Fortunately, my room was in the hotel, so I went upstairs to attempt to fix the zipper. After a few futile moments, I threw on my jeans, figuring nobody would even notice, as I wasn't the main focus (or even a secondary focus).
As I reentered the event, I heard Fran talking about a blog. Then I heard a recording of Stein reading my piece on Monday. Kim Krol summoned me to the stage area, just as Fran announced that I was the winner of this year's Globility award. (The Globility award is given for the quality of being open to a world of cultures and experiences.)
Then I tripped as I went to the stage and Terrence Howard (actor and awards-presenter) saved me from tumbling off. I have met a lot of celebs, but this was one of the most memorable!
It was a huge surprise and a great experience. I guess I can now say I am an award-winning blogger! I also have to say I owe you, Laurie!
Terrence Howard and me (and my jeans) in New York, NY-January 2010.


The Parkers said...

Congrats on the award! Love the broken zipper on your pants story .. hope they are fixable!

Evil Zebra said...


Congrats on the AWARD....

Was there a CASH prize so you can at least get your zipper fixed?!?!

Take it,

kc said...

Congrats DUDE! That is so cool!

Greg said...

That is great. Did you have Terrance Howard sign your zipper?

Johngy said...

It was an interesting night to say the least and no, I did not have Terrence sign anything.