Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Johngy Was Not a Brady

A few weeks ago, I wrote about meeting Cousin Oliver (Robby Rist) who was supposed to breathe new, cute life into the Brady Bunch. New life was needed partly because the previous young cute kids, Bobby and Cindy, were starting to grow into young adults.
I talked about this with Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) when I met him at the Hollywood Celebrities Show. He said the writers just wanted to concentrate on the same old stories and Bobby and Cindy were starting to get too old for that. Instead, the writers should have started developing stories for the ever-aging Brady kids all along.
It's really an example of the writers not changing with the times. The Brady family could not be stuck in a time-defying universe.
Those in charge got everything they could out of the Brady concept and then just let it go without trying something new or different. I wish they were more creative and/or had a little more faith in the abilities of the young adults playing the Brady siblings.

As for Lookinland, he was fun to meet and seemed to have fun meeting everyone. He has done some acting post-Brady, including a role in The Towering Inferno. By all apearances, he seems to have avoided the common pitfalls of a child actor.
Mike Lookinland and me in Rosemont, IL-Fall 2008.

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