Saturday, March 6, 2010

Autograph Tales:J.P., Jordan and Zach Parise

I have always been fascinated by athletes related to other athletes. I think it all started with Dick Allen and his brother Hank, who played together on the 1972-73 Chicago White Sox, the first team I really followed. I later learned they had another brother, Ron, who played on the 1972 Cardinals.
J.P. Parise was a solid hockey player (mostly) for the Minnesota North Stars and the New York Islanders as I was growing up. In 12+ seasons in the NHL the left winger scored 594 points. He played for Team Canada in the 1972 Summit Series.
During the 2003-04 season, I saw that both of Parise's sons were playing for the University of North Dakota. I sent Parise a puck, asking for his autograph. I also asked for his son's, if it was possible. A few weeks later, I got a puck signed by the Parise trio.
His oldest son is Jordan Parise, a goalie. Jordan played in the AHL and ECHL and is now playing in Europe.
The younger brother is Zach, a center. Zach has been building an excellent career for the New Jersey Devils. He also scored the game-tying goal last Sunday for the American team in the Winter Olympics.
I was very happy to get the Parise family puck. I think it's cool having the three of them on one puck. Now with Zach's performance on the international stage, this puck takes on even more significance.
A puck signed by J.P., Jordan and Zach Parise-Mid 2000's.

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