Friday, March 5, 2010

Where In the World Will Sam Go?:Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my niece Sam's search for the right college. By "right", I was assuming she meant the right place to go for a winter break. Or the right place to go for great college sports. Or the right place to go for a new destination.
I gave her my advice. Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, Louisville, UCLA, Colorado and Kentucky would have worked, just to name a few.
Last week, I heard she made her decision. She chose Southern Illinois University, home of the Salukis.
I admit, SIU would not be my first choice...I mean for her of course. However, I know Sam (and her parents) put a lot of thought and research into the decision.
I also know that Carbondale is just 342 miles (give or take) away, which translates to a 5.5 hour trip. Not too bad.
I also know that the Salukis have made 6 NCAA tournament appearances since 2002. Not too bad either (and better than my DePaul Blue Demons).
I also know that Carbondale is generally several degrees warmer than Chicago. It might not sound like much, but a few degrees is always welcome in the middle of a Chicago winter.
Reviewing these facts (and Sam's wishes of course), I will become a proud supporter (and hopefully occasional visitor) of SIU. Go Salukis!
Sam Parker in IL-mid 1990's.


Sam Parker said...

haah thanks unlce john!

TB said...

Aww what a cutie! Good luck to Sam.