Friday, March 19, 2010

MoJi Expressions by Milena Matic

Through the magic of Facebook, I have reconnected with a bunch of former grade school mates. I haven't really talked to most of them since we all scattered while in college. One person who found me was Milena Matic, younger sister of Tommy Matic, a former classmate.
Tommy was one of the originals from my first grade class. Unfortunately, the Matic family moved away, but not before Tom graduated with my class of 1979.
Milena is an artist, who works with acrylics. She uses bold, fun and vibrant colors on her pieces and describes her art as memorable, funky and fun. I agree on all fronts.
She has worked with Portland Open Studios and is gaining considerable recognition. Her pieces currently are displayed at the Blue Pig Cafe in Portland (OR). Her work can also be seen on her MoJi Expressions website or her MoJi Expressions Facebook page.
I asked Milena if she had any celebrity pieces for me to show here. She sent the KISS piece. I thought it was especially fitting, since KISS was really big back when we all were in Sacred Heart.
I really like her piece called "Broken" (bottom right). Other great pieces include "Matador" and her "IzaDora" collection. Of course, that's just my opinion. You should check out her creations and see for yourself.
I am grateful that Milena shared her work her. It was great reconnecting after so many years. Hopefully other Sacred Heart mates will appear here in the future.
Tom, Milena and Tony Matic-late 2000's.


Nicky said...

Just checked out her site. Really beautiful work.

N Hart said...

She does great work. I wish I was out her way to see them in person.

TB said...

I checked out her site and she does wonderful work. The art is like you/she describes, funky, bright and fun.

JoJo said...

I really liked her Blue Martini piece, but it is all great work. he is quite talented.

Milena said...

Thanks everybody for the nice comments!! A special thanks to my old school friend John for the blog!! Keep checkin my website...theres more to come.

Thank YOU!!

Acrylic Artist
MoJi Expressions

Bobby said...

Lovely work. Thanks for sharing the links.