Saturday, March 20, 2010

Autograph Tales:Craig Colquitt

Years ago, I sent a couple football cards to Craig Colquitt, who had been a punter in the NFL for 7 seasons (six with the Pittsburgh Steelers and one with the Indianapolis Colts). Colquitt won two Super Bowls with the Steelers. Not bad for a guy who almost didn't even play college football.
Colquitt had an excellent high school career, playing running back and defensive end. He eventually became the punter, too. He received some college offers as a running back, but he declined and started working in a department store. Two years later, his boss told him that Tennessee was holding tryouts for a punter. Colquitt enrolled and became the team's punter in his sophomore year.
After a rough first punt attempt (resulting in a safety), Colquitt went on to rewrite the UT record books. As a Senior, he was second in the nation in punting average.
I wrote to Colquitt long after his career ended. Along with the two cards I sent, I offered him a bunch more free if he wanted any. He signed my cards and accepted my offer. He also explained that he wanted to put all of his cards in a frame to make a nice piece. I thought it was pretty cool that he explained that.
The funnier part was the back of the envelope. He actually drew what he envisioned for his cards. The piece would have two each of his cards, so that both sides could be seen.
It's little different things like this which really make me like the hobby. I know it's nothing awesome, but it is kind of quirky and definitely different.
Colquitt's son Dustin has punted for the Kansas City Chiefs for a few years. Another son Britton signed with the Denver Broncos late last year. It looks like the Colquitt family might be doing some more framing.
Craig Colquitt's rendition of his framed cards-mid 90's.

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