Saturday, May 22, 2010

Autograph Tales:Tim Schulz

The Chicago Sting got me interested in soccer. I saw a bunch of their games and enjoyed the sport. When Pacific put out a line of soccer cards in 1987, I bought a bunch hoping to get some signatures from players.
One of the first I sought was Tim Schulz, then playing with the St. Louis Steamers. Schulz played in several US soccer leagues in the 1980's and 90's. He also played for the US in 1983 in the Pan American Games. I had seen Schulz play a few times and he was definitely my favorite player not with the Sting.
I sent a note to him and asked for him to sign his card. A few days later, I got a great response from Schulz. He signed both cards I sent and enclosed a hand-written letter.
He started the letter apologizing for using the backside of my letter for his note. He wrote about how the Steamers weren't doing very well that year. He also said he hoped that I would make it out to see the Steamers play the Sting in the last game of the season.
It's responses like this which make the hobby so awesome. Schulz definitely went above and beyond and I really appreciated it then and look back fondly now.
Schulz is currently President and CEO of the Colorado Rush soccer club. The Rush has been recognized as one of the premier youth soccer organizations in the United States.
A signed card and note from Tim Schulz-Fall 1988.


Chuck's Used Cards said...

Love the old NASL - Chicago Sting.

Now the Tampa Bay Rowdies are back !

cool story.

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