Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ernie Banks, Not Mike Fontenot!

My nephew Matt snapped the photo below at a signing appearance by Mike Fontenot. What's wrong here? Well, for one thing, Fontenot wears #17. He also wore #29 during his first stint with the Cubs in 2005.
Why would someone get a Fontenot jersey with a wrong number? I know, people make mistakes. Still, when going thorough the trouble of getting a personalized jersey (even one like this tshirt jersey), you should be thorough enough to get it right!
I am not sure if Fontenot saw the jersey at the signing. I wonder what his reaction would have been? I know what Matt and my reactions were...laughter.
Oh, by the way, #14 is retired. It was worn by a pretty good player named Ernie Banks!


White Sox Cards said...

That's pretty bad for a fan of the team. I use the word fan very loosely here.

It reminds me about the trick that Sox players played on Gordon Beckham during 2009 Spring Training. Convincing him that his number 80 was Harold Baines' retired number.

Johngy said...

I never heard that story on Beckham. That's funny.