Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friendly Encounters at the Motor City Comic Con

This is a special series about my friends meeting celebs at the Motor City Comic Con.

This will be my fourth year covering the Motor City Comic Con for this site and for the online home of Global Traveler magazine. I am always looking for new stories and angles from the event.
While doing some research, I came across a great site for custom art by Ryan Parton. There is a lot of great and varied stuff on that site, but what initially caught my eye was the section on the MCCC.
Ryan has some great shots of his son and the various celebrities at the 2008 MCCC. This is awesome. Ryan's son is obviously having a ball at the MCCC. I'll let Ryan tell the story.
My family and I had a blast at MCCC 2008. With all of the comic artists, tv cars and celebrity guests, there was never a dull moment. All of the celebrity guests were friendly, especially Erik Estrada and Lou Ferrigno. Erik Estrada took extra time to talk to us and Lou Ferrigno posed for a photo with our son, who is a BIG Hulk fan. We can't wait to go back!
This is the essence of the MCCC. Ryan's son is having a ball with his hero Hulk and Ryan was excited to meet the celebs. There really is something for everyone.
I would like to thank Ryan for sharing his story and picture. I also encourage everyone to check out his site.
Lou Ferrigno and Ryan's son in Novi, MI-May 2008.
(Photo courtesy of Ryan Parton/

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